Keeping Your Supply Chain Going

In a global marketplace, manufacturing companies depend on the movement of parts, components and finished products. Severely restricted by the constraints in sea-freight, brands in South East Asia and Europe alike are looking for ways to continue feeding their production sites with inputs.

To address the bottlenecks in harbours worldwide, City Zone Express is emphasising on land transportation, using trucks to deliver goods across the continents to provide a live-line to the manufacturing sector.


Right on Time

Several years ago, City Zone Express (CZE) has laid a foundation for what could now be one of the best options to keep your supply chain between Europe and our shores here in Malaysia and Singapore. Using land transport, instead of sea freight, City Zone Express is currently moving containers between their hub in China and Malaysia. “



Where the offer from CZE shines is the LCL capabilities. Having secured base loads, adding goods to be moved all across the continent is now easier than ever. “What makes our offer very attractive is that we can be faster than sea freight and much cheaper than airfreight. With a bit of planning, the extra days that we may need compared to air freight are well compensated for in terms of savings,” Pirithivaraj Selvarajoo (Raj), Director, City Zone Express Sdn Bhd, says. “