A Smart Solution

Trucks have been the mainstay of long-distance transportation for over a century. Their dependability in combination with the ability to plan routes and tours in a highly flexible manner is putting land transportation in the spotlight yet again. Covering a large number of countries we serve, our trucks can get your goods from South East Asia to Europe or from Europe to our shores in less time than seafreight, while giving you the edge on planning.


The Relay Run

Infrastructure and planning is the key to a flawless system. CZE has their own staff to manage customs clearance and documentation, which means that the truck captains can focus on the most important task: driving and getting the consignments from country to country. Making use of the Green Lane, the ASEAN taxation agreement for movement of goods, goods move quickly and with reduced tax burden. At each border, CZE will swap containers, applying the lift on lift off method. The trip from Singapore to CZE’s Chinese main hub in Chongqing takes only eight days.


Train Take-over

Chongqing has been identified by CZE as the best suited railway hub for shipments across the China and into Europe, with many other destinations along the way. Here, the trucks receive new containers to be transported across Vietnam, Laos and Thailand, onwards to Malaysia and Singapore while picking up and delivering cargo to be distributed along the way. Raj explains that “In several places, like Hong Kong for instance, we have our own feeder fleet and collecting or delivering small consignments is made easy thanks to that.” With several warehouses owned by CSE, the operation boasts a lot of infrastructure to support the supply chain between the continents.