Land Transport to Support Untapped Potential

It is the truckers again that are the heroes of the transport industry. This time, the manufacturing sectors could be the ones that find that trucks could come to their rescue. Currently, the situation in ports around the globe is chaotic: goods are not being shipped, containers are stuck and the shipping rates have reached levels that make let anyone despair that needs components or raw products for their factories. Even with enough money to pay for shipping, there is a severe shortage of space on container vessels.


Untapped Potential

According to Raj, there is a lot of potential for land transportation, especially now that sea freight rates are becoming prohibitive. Meanwhile, he points out that transportation by truck is more than just a viable interim solution. “For instance, batteries for electric vehicles have huge potential for land transport. There is massive potential at the moment and we are glad to be the first to offer such a comprehensive service between Malaysia and Europe.”


Re-thinking Just in Time

Land transport has the advantage of being faster than sea freight, and in the case of LCL, the shipment of loose cargo is also cheaper. Companies needing regular supplies of raw materials can plan ahead, based on scheduled departures of City Zone Express’ trucks from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and China to continue feeding their productions. Rather than air-freighting parts in, putting them onto land transport will reduce cost, once the JIT schedule has been adjusted to accommodate this.