CZE operates vendor and supplier hubs for both domestic and international clients. As hybrid receiving, warehousing and distribution concepts, vendor/ supplier hubs are increasingly being adopted and utilised by multinational corporations to improve inventory management processes and reduce cost by outsourcing all or part of their production supply or retail distribution operations.

CZE's vendor and supplier hub operation includes:

  • Full responsibility for inventory management
  • Managing multiple suppliers
  • Purchase order management
  • Preparing invoices for supplying goods

Overall efficiencies are realised by utilising vendor and supplier hubs to maximise inventory between the suppliers and multinational corporations. CZE, utilising its freight management and forwarding infrastructure, has the ability to deliver exceptional service and cost-effective logistic solutions for our clients. We are also highly flexible in our service offerings by being able to provide a myriad of uniquely customised solutions to meet all our clients' supply chain strategies.

Shipment Movement Process Flow